Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive

Who in hell told metalheads have no soul?

Who in hell told metalheads feel no compassion or love?

Who in hell told metalheads are absolutely incapable of shedding a tear?

Who in hell told words are enough to express all emotions a metal head feel while listening to a band which the example of unsung heroes and are back after a hiatus of more than twenty years?

Just a minute while I take the thing that hit off my eyes. Give me just one minute…

They’re back! The Kings of the Dead are back! Cirith Ungol are officially back!

Rejoice yourself, my child of the night!

Believe it or not, sometimes life can be fair. After a self-imposed exile that lasted twenty-three yers, the death of founding guitarist Jerry Fogle, the disdain of the press – including the speciliazed -, shows with witnesses not public – their final show was at Ventura Theater on December 13th, 1991, the same place that witnessed their triumphant sold out return -, all kinds of what we could possibly call unfair, the King of the Dead came from their ashes and besides all the ungrateful the masters of Doom presents us a live album consisting of twenty-two of the hardest, apocalyptic,  bone-crushingly, jaw-breaking, unique, weirdest Metal music ever. “I’m Alive” is the true alive greatest of a band that have always given anything, but their best. Unfortunately their best wasn’t enough.

Now a little about “I’m Alive.” All twenty-two tracks were recorded at Up the Hammers Festival in Athens, Greece –  could you choose a better place to witness a tytan reborn? By the way, it’s worth saying that Cirith Ungol have never played in Europe before their reunion. “I’m Alive” is a parade of the twenty-two most unforgetable songs that actually were forgotten for a while. Life’s really hard. But it gives you second chances. “I’m Alive” proves it.

I guess no album could ever have a better name than “I’m Alive” to prove against all odds that everything is possible; that even Metal can have happy endings; that miracles can actually happen if you believe in your dreams no matter how long.

Glory has a name and its name is Cirith Ungol!

Cirith Ungol “I’m Alive” will be released on October 25th via Metal Blade Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. I’m Alive
  3. Join the Legion
  4. Atom Smasher
  5. Edge of a Knife
  6. Blood and Iron
  7. Black Machine
  8. Frost and Fire
  9. Finger of Scorn
  10. Chaos Descends
  11. Doomed Planet
  12. Chaos Rising
  13. Fallen Idols
  14. Paradise Lost
  15. Master of the Pit
  16. King of the Dead
  17. Cirith Ungol
  18. Intro
  19. War Eternal
  20. Nadsokor
  21. Fire
  22. Death of the Sun

Watch “I’m Alive( Live at Up the Hammers Festival)” official alive video here: