Classic Effects: Would You Like Your Guitar To Sound Like Jimmy Page’s Or Tony Iommi’s?

I guess the answer to this question must be a big Yes! It’s a beginner’s dream to sound exactly as their idols. As a matter of fact, to be truthful, not only beginners. It makes me remind the days I was in a band struggling to play “Iron Man” or “Heartbreaker” the most precise and authentic as possible. It was not only the notes, but also the sound that mattered most. Unfortunately, my phony SG couldn’t work miracles, though I had a fine Ibanez Distortion and a reasonable amp. Let’s skip the part where I mention my poor technique and skill.Well, my fortunate today’s guitarist, Catalinbread, a Portland, Oregon based company, has provided you two cool guitar pedals that emulate the exact sound of both guitar heroes. Write down their names: Sabbra Cadabra (awesome naming), and Rah (not really that awesome). Even though they aren’t really new stuff, they do make the world of guitar effects more interesting. Or more troubled if you don’t have the money to buy both.

Same dude, Howard Gee, plays both demos.

Let’s check them out:

Sabbra Cadabra

Together with the cool name, Sabbra Cadabra has a nice design as well. Impossible not to recall Black Sabbath just looking at it.

For a more authentic and accurate response, the piece melds a Tunable Rangemaster Booster with a Laney Supergroup Pre-Amp. There are four knobs: Presence, for high treble; Range, for booster response; Gain, for amplifier gain, and Vol 4 (also an awesome naming) for output level.

Note that even using a Les Paul, the response is pristine as dude reproduces Tony’s technique as well. Guitar tone is precisely the same. That’s why you shouldn’t skip watching demo until the end. There is a bunch of useful tips in it to get Tony”s exact tone and playing.

Cost: $ 179.99.


Rah was especially designed to capture the sound and feel of Jimmy Page’s 1970 performance at Royal Albert Hall where he used some custom built Hiwatt’s into Marshall cabinets which used to give the support to Page’s definitive dynamic style.

Dude is with a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Historic R8 loaded with Burstbuckers & strung up with top wrapped Rev’s Lottery Brand 8 gauge strings into a Catalinbread RAH into a Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb set clean.

There are five knobs in it: Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, and Gain. Pay attention to the same nice design used in Sabbra Cadabra to represent Led Zeppelin.

The way I see it, Rah had achieved it. Though I think Page’s guitar had a little bit more overdrive.

It’s also worth watching all the demo. Personally, I would read the comments as well. You may find the opinions worth it.

Cost: $ 199.99.

For more information, see Catalinbread page.