Classic Manson Keyboardist: Why I Said ‘F*ck Chester’ After He Committed Suicide

After condemning Chester Bennington for taking his own life, classic Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy explained his statement, saying (via Alternative Nation):

“I wish Americans gave as much of a sh*t about all of our veterans committing suicide from PTSD everyday, as they do these three rockstars.

“It’s not just the media, it’s the people themselves choosing what they want to care about. The media only covers these deaths because it will get ratings, because they know people will care about it.

“My whole point is that any musician, no matter how influential, like let’s say John Lennon, is as important as our veterans.

“These three men were wealthy enough to afford proper mental health care, and so could have avoided this issue. Most veterans are not that wealthy.

“Again, I don’t dislike these three men, I just dislike what they did. I find it selfish.

“I feel for their families more than I feel for them. The pain of these three men is over, the pain of their families continues.

“And in fact, they actually inflicted pain upon their families.

“It is not that I am being insensitive, it is that I am being aware of whom to be sensitive to and why.”

He also told Sofa King Cool:

“I actually believe that Brian [Warner, aka Marilyn Manson] is better. He has nothing to live for, no parents, no siblings, no children. Unlike Chester, he stays alive, he is a fighter.

“To be completely honest, I was generally more offended by the death of Chris Cornell or Kurt Cobain over Chester whatever the f*ck…

“I am certainly not trying to imply that he doesn’t matter as much to his fans, or to the world in general, but to me it seems like Much Ado About Nothing.”

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