CLAUSTROFOBIA Launch Bass Play-Through Video For Track ‘Riff Cult’


CLAUSTROFOBIA have released a play-through video from bassist Rafael Yamada for their latest single, “Riff Cult”, recorded at the Swamp Loco Agency in Las Vegas. The video shows Caio D’Angelo installing the EMG pickups model 35 DC / 35 CS on the bass Jackson (set signed by MEGADETH bassist’s David Ellefson).

Yamada shows the composition of the bass for “Riff Cult“, the second song that the musician composed with CLAUSTROFOBIA and says: “Check it out, guys! It was in this song that I realized the importance of a more rhythmic bass, ‘following’ the drums more than the guitar itself, an experience that influenced me a lot in the compositions of the band’s new album. It was recording this single as well that I realized the difference in using EMG pickups. The sound was much more defined and solid, with well balanced bass and medium basses, we arrived at the sound we used to record the next full album”.

The song is a celebration and homage to guitar riffs, explains Marcus D`Angelo: “We consider it a culture, a cult. It is the hook of all Metal, everything is born from the guitar riff. And Riff by Riff, we are fueling our passion for Metal, fueling our desire to continue the legacy. The Riff is what addicts us in a good way. In this quarantine the love for Metal became more evident, without shows and without contact with the fans, so we decided to pay tribute and celebrate”.

“Riff Cult” is the first single from the new CLAUSTROFOBIA album, which is being produced by renowned brazilian producer Adair Daufembach who has worked with names like MEGADETHANGRAKiko LoureiroAquiles PriesterDirk Verbeuren and Tony MacAlpine. Regarding the new album, Marcus says: “We work a lot on new songs and we can’t wait to show them to our old fans and the new fans that we are conquering in this new phase”.