CLAYSHAPER And ‘Celestian’

“Melodic and progressive death metal in the vein of old Dark Tranquility, In Flames and Opeth greatly shaped who I am as a person and musician,” CLAYSHAPER say. “But in my opinion, a lot of new music released in the genre veer off to much in either direction. To much melodies and the brutality is lost. Too heavy without finesse is just boring. The magic is found in the middle, and that is what I try to find with my music.”

 “Celestian” is a melodic progressive death metal album based on promethean stories and myths, cosmic conundrums and immortal longing. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by CLAYSHAPER in the Shaper’s workshop. Album art CLAYSHAPER, based on William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s saints.

 “Adorning the vestments and doing everything from the ground and up by myself allows me to be truer in my artistic expression. I want CLAYSHAPER to be about the art rather than the person behind it. Art should not be soiled by the artists lifestyle, personal beliefs or religion.”

CLAYSHAPER and his cult are growing on Instagram. Minimal communication is sent out through a number of digital letters, or missives, as they’re called. At other times retouched art and orignial music is what draws the masses.

 “The cult is ever growing. The fellowship consists of people who have an affinity for ageless imagery, dark art and heavy music. And I like the idea that you get actual music by a cosmic wizard when you search for #deathmetal instead of hot girls—which is what you get when you search for anything at all on Instagram.”

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