Cloudburst – Cloudburst

If Frank Zappa – by the way, have you ever heard the man? If you haven’t, please try him. You won’t regret it – were alive, he would tell you: “Man, listen to Cloudburst. The coolest band I’ve heard in centuries.” Cloudburst are a band that dare to be beyond lots of labels and to build up a music that at least is memorable. The mix Cloudburst make of aggression and melody is fantastic. Yes, there are lots of moments of melody in “Cloudburst.” But the main thing is the addition of a lot of breaks and different rhythms into their music. The very strong presence of hardcore is also a great deal of spice in their music.

But the best thing Cloudburst do is to deal with all those differences and also maintain a solid ground of usual musicality. Cloudburst aren’t uncanny all the time. In “Crimson Mask” they mix moments of non-linearity with moments of pure linearity. Their music reminds a lot Rage Against the Machine, but they are heavier. In songs as “Tornado” they get near Death Metal and hardcore, but soon they comeback to a more regular guitar and drumming line an the end of the song. Harsh and aggressive vocals are in the lead most of the time, but not only.

Guitars also do this job of performing regular and than breaking everything they can. It’s amazing what they do. That kind of thing made Cloudburst appeal to a larger audience. It’s not everybody who cares about experimentalism. Cloudburst introjected the experimentation to their music. That’s their main point. It’s natural as in “Eternal Gunfight” where the guitars are more experimental and also is the song. To then, in “Oral Staircase” be the more traditional possible in a ballad with a fingered acoustic guitar in a short, but effective song. That’s what Cloudburst do better, to shock using the usual and the unusual. Following track “Personal Golgotha” sounds in the beginning as a Black Metal song, but soon changes to a hardcore cadence which leads to a more blackish moment. But the guitar breaks are still there to remind us who are in command. Cloudburst are.

“Cloudburst” is great news into Metal world. It’s different, it’s daredevil, it’s restless, it’s groundbreaking. So, everything a Metal record has to be.

Cloudburst “Cloudburst” will be released on January 04th via Samstrong Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Strange Acrobat
  2. Crimson Mask
  3. Tornado
  4. Eternal Gunfight
  5. Oral Staircase
  6. Personal Golgotha
  7. Human Origami
  8. First Cry
  9. Final Cry