CLOWN On Unreleased SLIPKNOT’s ‘Look Outside Your Window’ Album: ‘It’s A Timeless Album’

Slipknot All Hope Is Gone Era

SLIPKNOT fans rejoice! In a recent Reddit AMA, Shawn “Clown” Crahan confirmed that the band’s legendary unreleased album, Look Outside Your Window, is finally coming out “soon.”

Recorded in 2008 alongside All Hope Is Gone, this project featuring Clown, Sid Wilson, Jim Root, and Corey Taylor has been a source of speculation for years. Clown assures fans that the album’s timeless quality makes the wait worthwhile, and that its release is imminent.

Clown said: “The only reason Look Outside Your Window has not come into this reality is because it is a timeless album that allows it to be presented at anytime.

“Up until now things we’ve been doing has been taking priority. It has to come out, I promise it will come out soon.”

“It’s sort of timeless in my opinion, so I try not to worry about it too much,” he continued. “I’ve waited this long for it to be right and it just never has. We were going to release it way early on this album cycle [for We Are Not Your Kind], but this one takes precedence. It’s not meant to be confused or watered down for marketing purposes. It’s really just another piece of the puzzle and the imagination that’s missing. People might really need it.”

In a previous interview with NME this past December, Clown assured that Look Outside Your Window will finally arrive in 2024.

He said at the time: “It’s definitely arriving next year. You have my word. The art’s been done. It’s been mixed. It’s been mastered. It is definitely coming out in 2024 and it’s such a great album. Corey [Taylor] is my favourite singer ever, and you’ll never hear him sing in the same way as on this album, so it’s been worth holding it back. It’s such a different, timeless project.”

Originally scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2019 and later postponed to April of the following year, the album unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Back in 2021, Clown explained the reason behind the delay of the album in an interview with Terry “Beez” Bezer of‘s “Mosh Talks With Beez.” He said at the time: “The reason why we never can commit to a date or anything is because — don’t make it confusing. Don’t make it something it’s not. Don’t call it something it’s not. Accept it. It’s music. It’s art. It doesn’t carry the SLIPKNOT name. Joey [Jordison, then-SLIPKNOT drummer] wasn’t up the hill playing drums. He doesn’t know anything about the songs. I think he’s only been to the house once or twice. It’s a completely different project. It was never held to piss people off. It was never held to prove a point.

“It’s been mixed. It’s been mastered. It’s ready to go,” Crahan continued. “We wanna put it out. But it’s only gonna be put out when the priority is created correctly. It’s up to everyone to sort of shut their mouths and not make it confusing. Don’t let it affect SLIPKNOT. That’s the priority — SLIPKNOTSLIPKNOTSLIPKNOTSLIPKNOT. Everything else is just beautiful things that branch off of it. Everyone, quit confusing it. Accept it. We are an anomaly. We’re too much. We’re everything and anything at the same time and no time at all.”