CNTMPT – Towards Neglect

When I say this world of heavy music keeps surprising me, I really mean it. There are elements of surprise in almost all albums that I receive to review. This is the light side of the material revolution that shook musical industry which made bands now the masters of their own music. I mean, with the downfall of the power of big record companies, bands took in their hands all the process of producing music. It means, in practical ways, that bands can make the music they please.

You may be thinking “Why in hell is this dude saying that?” Because in the good old times a band as CNTMPT would be impossible. Can you picture an Extreme Metal band recording an instrumental only record with vocals at all only some noises and yells around songs? Would Slayer or Cannibal Corpse do that? No, I guess not. CNTMPT and “Towards Neglect” are products of modern times where there are small independent recording companies that invest on niches.

“Towards Neglect” is too dark and shady, but there are moments of a pure twisted and sick poetry as in “Ascend Through Winds” and “The arrival” which are both acoustic. Technically, CNTMPT instrumentals are on the border of death and prog metal, but the absence of vocals blurs a lot the analysis. Yeah, vocals are that important. Guitarists hate to say it but they are indeed. As a matter of fact, “Towards Neglect” is only the second album with this  musical proposal that I review. I must say it’s somewhat different. A track like “Wyrd” is such an experience. I recommend you to try it. It’s not a coincidence that the last track is called “Magical Herbs” due to the trip to the void it makes us go. Completely ethereal.

CNTMPT  “Towards Neglect” will be released on December 17th via Into Endless Chaos Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ascend Through Winds
  2. Site of Vastness
  3. Gravity
  4. Fire Theurgy
  5. The Arrival
  6. Wyrd
  7. Magical Herbs

Watch “Fire Theurgy” official video here: