Coal Chamber – Rivals

PromoImage (39)  Thirteen years. Thirteen goddamn years. In case you can’t tell time – that’s a long f**king time. A time to explore new things, do some different s**t, and form new opinions. Do I know if the members of Coal Chamber did that in their hiatus of 13 years? I’ve no f**king clue and will never know. What I do know, however, is that their comeback album, “Rivals”, is FUCKING AWESOME!! I never knew that nu metal could be so intense outside of Slipknot and sound so good while doing it. First time for everything, I suppose. Just the aggressive nature of the vocals alone are a welcome surprise that I embraced fully because they sounded so f**king awesome alongside the heavy ass riffs that are pulled off by the guitars with the amazing beat of the drums always there to back the both of them up with amazing rhythm. Coal Chamber even takes the time to slow down and create a really unnerving and mysterious sound that makes you vulnerable for whatever they have in store in the next track. And they do that not once, not three times, but twice just for good measure. I’ve honestly never really listened to Coal Chamber before today, but “Rivals” makes me wish I had before and it makes me even happier to know that after 13 years, Coal Chamber can still kick all the ass and make awesome metal which will surely excite long time fans and new time listeners like myself. This is truly an awesome album.

You can stream the first track, “I.O.U. Nothing”, via Spotify here and then purchase “Rivals” via iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. I.O.U. Nothing
  2. Bad Blood Between Us
  3. Light In the Shadows
  4. Suffer In Silence
  5. The Bridges You Burn
  6. Orion
  7. Another Nail In the Coffin
  8. Rivals
  9. Wait
  10. Dumpster Dive
  11. Over My Head
  12. Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets)
  13. Empty Handed