Cockblockers – Cockblockers

The first track of this self titled album, Cockblockers, has a very healthy intent. I mean, the first and the second do show something very differente in terms of the so-called modern metal. “Driven Dog” and “Deadweight” are a mix of the modern and the old. Though modern metal is prominent, you feel hear and there a lot of dashes of old sonance. “Driven Dog” shows a pretty good guitar solo. No wonder. But to a modern metal band this is awesome. “Deadweight” has a little contribution of heavy rock in the main riff and in guitar tones. “Absinthe” do show something else. And that is a big taste of Black Sabbath. And “Enemies” has a 1970s swinged guitar riff mixed with some 1990s atmosphere. “Be My Valentine” does the same.

I don’t mean by that Cockblockers are a bad band because they have a modern metal proposal. No, not really. The thing is we expect a bit more these days. A band to stand out has to offer something else. Cockblockers do. But not throughout the album. Only that. Is that a reason to blow it up? Nah, not a chance. It pleases hardcore fans.

Cockblockers are a band with a healthy proposal as I told before. They were very well suceeeded in mixing 1970s and 1990s influences to a modern grip metal. Musically, Cockblockers are more competent than most of their peers. Vocalist does a pretty good job showing vocal abilities that are rare. Guitars use varied techniques in order to fill all the blanks inside songs. Listen to “Sour” to check it out. And there is the bass which plays a leading part in most songs.

Cockblockers “Cockblockers” was self-released.

Track Listing:

  1. Driven Dog
  2. Deadweight
  3. Carpet Burn
  4. Absinthe
  5. Enemies
  6. Be My Valentine
  7. Sour
  8. Taste Delight
  9. Ichi
  10. For the Loss

Watch “Be My Valentine” official video here: