CODE ORANGE Drummer On Collaborating With COREY TAYLOR: ‘He’s Not A Rockstar Dude, He’s Just A Great, Down-To-Earth Dude’

Jami Morgan Corey Taylor

CODE ORANGE drummer Jami Morgan discussed collaborating with Corey Taylor on band’s 2018 track “The Hunt.”

“He’s just a great dude,” Morgan told Radioactive Mike. “We wanted to do this EP and we knew that we were going towards our record; we had the song, we were in the studio making, I texted him, ‘Hey, I got this part. Would you want to do it?’

Morgan continued: “And he just sent me back instantly, ‘I’m down.’ And no problems, we just did it, like, I laid the track down for him. He’s an awesome dude. He’s not a rockstar dude, he’s just a great, down-to-earth dude.”

Morgan was also asked to single out his favorite from the so-called Flannel 5NIRVANA, PEARL JAM, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, SOUNDGARDEN, and ALICE IN CHAINS — to which he responded: “ALICE IN CHAINS for sure. Dude, ALICE IN CHAINS is just so raw and so emotional, and you could just feel the darkness of those dudes’ lives on their music. They’re one of my favorites, ever. And I just feel like they have this darkness to them.

“I mean, I love NIRVANA too, but I don’t know… I love the artistic direction, I love everything about how all those first [ALICE IN CHAINS] records have, you know, they obviously come from one aesthetic and one vibe, and it’s just so emotional and so raw,” Morgan continued. There’s no band that sounds like them. We even talked about maybe trying to do a cover or something. It’s tough because it’s so hard to recreate, and I think that’s really rare.

“I think some of the other bands you mentioned, ALICE IN CHAINS is not just songs, it’s like from someone’s dark soul. So yeah, ALICE IN CHAINS.”