Cold Black River – Tales of Death and the Devil

This world of heavy music is so wonderful with all its backs and forths, all the turns the tides go that no one can really say where they are going to be. Cold Black River with “Tales of Death and the Devil” make us feel that 1969 never went away even fifty years ago and the so-called Rock’n’roll death. Well, never noticed its death. It’s funny how some media fellows were so eager in this forty or thirty years to say that rock and all its sons were dead. But rock isn’t dead at all as we can notice by this fresh band that plays as like they were in 1969.

To many the bluesy and psycheledic songs of “Tales of Death and the Devil” are called retro or even worst that I won’t bother to mention. However, for the fan the doesn’t care about labels and cares only for music, Cold Black River have prepared eight flying high songs that make your mouth waters of so delicious tracks. “Tales of Death and the Devil” bounces from the pure heavy rock as in tracks as “Androids Embrace” with the strong and harsh fuzzy guitars to the psychedelic “Numbers Station” and its slow and cadenced bass lines that seem to be telling a story. In the middle, or at the very end, “Anywhere Ya Wanna” with its post-Sargent Peppers mood that drives to a ver bluesy blues full of guitar interventions that drives to a heavy blues cadence. Are you following? All that in only one and a half of minute.

I always get amazed by the work bands do the recreate a kind of sound that is so away from them in terms of years. Of course, things are easier these days. With a link to the internet you can reach all kinds of music and learn from them. There are courses, people discussing, classes, and many more things. However, it’s not that easy to sound the same as theu they did in the 1960s. There were lots of tricks due to the poor quality and lack of resources that studios, even the big ones used to have. So, a big hail to Cold Black River and all their effort to make “Tales of Death and the Devil” such a good and faithful album.

Cold Black River “Tales of Death and the Devil” was released on June 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. Number Station
  2. The Desert of Mars
  3. Keep Rollin’
  4. Among the Stars
  5. Oh My Goddess
  6. Vengeance of the Clouds
  7. Anywhere Ya Wanna
  8. Android Embrace

Watch “Time Lord” official video here: