COLD SNAP Covers ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’

Croatian groove-metal masters COLD SNAP pay homage to Nancy Sinatra with this cover version of “These Boots are Made for Walkin“. The song (originally written by Lee Hazlewood) was produced by the iconic Danish metal producer, Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, The Haunted, Sick of it All, Mnemic, Dir En Grey) at Antfarm Studios, Denmark. You can listen to the cover below.

When Cold Snap was invited to perform at Wacken Open Air in 2012, they rehearsed this song for their live set at the infamous metal festival, and also recorded it for future release. “We wanted to do something special for the festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary that year” states vocalist Jan Kerekes. “So we performed the song at the end of our set, however we sung it as ‘These Boots Are Made for Wacken‘.  Since the song wasn’t written by us, we weren’t sure how to go about getting the clearance to release it, so it sat on a shelf for the past couple of years, unreleased.”  Bassist Zoran Ernoic continues “One day we had a meeting with our A&R guy at Eclipse Records and we played the unreleased song, and he immediately wanted to release it. They were able to get the necessary license in place, and now, after four years, we’re thrilled to release our version of this song for everyone to enjoy.