Coldun – Grand Sun Ritual Review

First things first. Sometimes I’m in no mood for Doom Metal or all atmospheric genres. As I said before one has to be in the mood to listen to moody songs. However, as I have a rigid method – can you believe that? – of choosing the albums I’m meant to review I decided to give Coldun “Grand Sun Ritual” a try.

The kind of album that I would regret if I didn’t review it. Holy Molly! What a deep voice! What a combination between the 1980’s Gothic Rock with Metal and some slight dashes of Extreme Metal and a bit of the 1970s. And the voice. Deep, low and potent. For the record, it’s great to see the level bands are today.

Here we have an album that surprises from track one and for the well-built harmonic construction of the songs. They all go in a crescendo that burst or in a guitar solo or other instrument. In tittle track “Grand Sun Ritual,” for instance, it’s a saxophone. By the way, “Grand Sun Ritual” hipnotizes the fan from the beginning. First with the oriental arabic textures that change into a Metal oriented song with the deep tuned male voice of Gothic Rock. The effect astonishes. I mean, I really like this kind of texture mixing the features of the dark and obscure with the clear and clean guitars. Following track “The Forest and the Soul” changes a little and leave completely the oriental influences to get more Metal and dark. There is a certain taste of the 1970s rock in it, but I can’t tell what it is. Unfortunately, the track ends abruptely. I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or a problem of my Winamp. “Down Below” gets even more 1970 with the moody keyboarding and the gutural voice added at the end. The 1970s keyboarding meets Black Metal features here with some electronic effects. The song is dense and complex and the voice is marvelous. I can’t forget this voice. While I was listening “Salvation Day” and its great keyboarding I could remember whose voice I was trying to remind. It’s Pearl Jam’s Eddie Veder. oh, yes.

Here we have one more nomineé for best album of 2021. Don’t let me forget, please!

Coldun “Grand Sun Ritual” was released on January 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Grand Sun Ritual
  2. The Forest and the Soul
  3. Down Below
  4. Salvation Day
  5. Stories Untold
  6. Hail out to Thebes
  7. I Dreamed That Dream