Colosso – Apocalypse

The music within Colosso “Apocalypse” is a bit hard for newcomers. It’s difficult to understand the slow and shoegazed, though incredibly heavy features the band presents to the fans. For a regular Death Metal fan the cripty and gloomy mood Colosso impose to their music is a bit hard to swallow. Don’t expect those fast and furious tracks as usual from Death Metal bands. No, sir. Colosso’s music is dense and dark far from the usual. “Apocalypse” could be better explained as a Funeral Death/Doom album, I’m afraid. Guitar riffs are somewhat sounding intentionally out of tempo and bass lines sound to be reinforcing the dark mood. Drumming is slow and cadenced marking only the strong tempos with no blastbeats. It’s what first track “Pestilence” gives of impression to the fan.

Instrumentals in “Apocalypse” sound a bit odd for the first time. Guitars use a lot of repetition with high notes and once in a while they seem to be doing whatever they want. Some kind of weird free playing inspired by free jazz. The names of the songs mark very well Colosso’s intent of shocking as though as simple as they can be: Pestilence, War, Death and Famine. Have you ever heard them? Sure, you have. They are the four horsemen. Aha, got it, huh? Second and third tracks “War” and “Death” sound a bit, just a bit, more familiar to Death Metal fans, though their guitar riffings are some kind of peculiar using some features of Prog Metal. Vocals in “Death” are completely insane and uncanny to the ears of the regular fan. We can say the same about vocals in “Famine” which are insane and ferocious, just the way Death Metal fans adore. Again, it’s interesting to hear the guitar solutions found. Very far from the commom ground.

Alright, if you are a Death Metal fan that is not afraid of different proposals, I recommend you Colosso. The four tracks herein are jaw breaking to the ones that wish something really new.

Colosso “Apocalypse” will be released on February 14th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Pestilance
  2. War
  3. Death
  4. Famine

Watch “Death” official music video here: