COMMANDER Unleash “Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle)”

The beast is unleashed! COMMANDER were founded back in 1999 and over the years have grown to a real heavyweight of the German Death Metal underground with countless tours and shows. Since the last album, “The Enemies We Create,” some years may have gone by, but in 2018 the band finally will unleash the third longplayer “Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle)” upon mankind.
Like its predecessors, “Fatalis” is rooted in rough and brute Death Metal yet including some thrashy experiments that guarantee variety. Powerful breaks and explosive guitar riffs like thunderstorms provide a drive that you can’t escape. One hears on every second, that the songs have matured over the years and since they have been kept under lock and key for too long, they are finally burning now!
Recorded in their own studio and mixed and mastered by none other than Patrick W. Engel (Temple Of Disharmony), COMMANDER offers over 42 minutes of finest traditional Death Metal.