Commando – Rites of Damnation

Here we’ve got a band that with great competence bounces from the old school Extreme Metal to a more modern version of it. Slayeresque vocals combined with a killer and bloody modernish Extreme Metal are the highlights of this Commando with “Rites of Damnation” EP.

The desperate vocals add an intense vibe to the fast and violent cadence of the six tracks included. “Rites of Damnation” gives the fan an accurate idea of how it is possible to have an old school sonance, and yet, sounding very fresh. The very first track “The Sacrament” gives the fan a feeling of being part of a maniac and demonic rite with the sick fast guitar riffing that remembers a lot old school classics. But, then, hops in an unexpected plot twist, with instrumentals approach getting very near modern ones and the stapler desperate vocal growls. With a neat rhythm section done by bassist Eric Björklund and drummer Aron Torstensson, the guitar duo by Robin Bidgoli, who is also the vocalist, and Felix Einarsson fly high giving contemporary shines to their music. “Final Judgement” follows the same path with even more desperate vocals. The anguish he passes us is incomprehensible and beyond human efforts. The beginning of “Djaevulsmaskopi” may fool the fan if the fruition begins by it. Only the instrumentals give the fan the feeling of hearing some contemporary Extreme Metal. The track is a calm before the storm when “Sinners Souls” gets in the house. It’s Speed Metal guitar riffing reminds the fan that the band means business. Commando found a way of gathering in only one album the best of both worlds. A delicious piece of bloody 1980s Metal with a modern instrumental approach. There is no way of getting any better.

This killer combination of the tradition and the modenity got me. As I said Commando combine the best of both worlds and “Rites of Damnation” is a great invitation card for the full-length that we hope it is to come. And some old sacks of potatoes – not me! – whine about today’s kids…

Commando  “Rites of Damnation” will be released on May 22nd via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Sacrament
  2. Final Judgement
  3. Slumbering Death
  4. Djävulsmaskopi
  5. Sinners Soul
  6. Burn the Sky

Watch “Final Judgement” official video here: