CONJURER Unleash Music Video For Single ‘Choke’

Following a spectacular and long overdue return to the live stage at the Download Festival Pilot last weekend, sludgy UK post-metal heavyweights CONJURER are inviting you to check out the video for “Choke“, the relentless opening track of their last full length album Mire (2018). Effortlessly switching from sludge to metallic hardcore, and from progressive post metal to post black metal, this song not only demonstates the musical proficiency of this young band, it also proves that they can’t be pigeonholed no matter how hard you try. Make sure to check out the video for “Choke” below.

CONJURER‘s Conor Marshall (bass) comments:
“’Choke‘ has become a bit of a fan favourite over the past few years since ‘Mire’ was released and it’s one of ours too. I think the general consensus within the band is still that ‘Choke’ is the “best” Conjurer song that’s been released so far and showcases a lot of what we do. The video loosely follows the lyrical theme of the song, which looks at the way things like “fame” and pressure from society, the industry and the gutter press can affect artists and celebrities. The idea being that the shots of the band in a white room, dressed in suits represents someone being dressed up and pushed out to perform despite them clearly not being in the best state, and them then starting to deteriorate, and the dark, more aggressive shots representing the inner turmoil and struggle.”

CONJURER’s still untitled second full-length and follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2018 debut album “Mire” is set to be released in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!