Construct of Lethe – A Kindness Dealt in Venom Review

Meh, Black Metal is pure noise! They say.

Nah, Black Metal is so simple. There’s nothing interesting about it! They say.

Bleh, Black Metal! Nooooo! They say.

Hah, Black Metal! hahahahahahahahahahaha… They say.

To all of them who say this, here is Construct of Lethe with “A Kindness Dealt in Venom,” an album that dares. By the drumming the jazzy Billy Cobham inspired “Artifice” my dear fan will notice the band has that something different to offer. By the way, Jazz has strongly influenced the album and the band. Of course, this isn’t the first Black Metal album we review here, but, for sure, it’s the one with the best results. I mean, it’s only by some little details in some tracks that my dear child of the night, who is used to Technical Death Metal bands, will realize there is something different about “A Kindness Dealt in Venom.” Basically, pay lots of attention to the drumming, that’s where the band put most of its jazzy influences. “Bête Noire,” for instance, has it in its slow passages. By the way, the nine minutes of the track is a trip with all the despair drenched vocals. It’s with “Contempt” that Billy Cobham’s inspired drumming reaches its peak with the jazzy intro that reminds a lot some jazzy tunes. In blink of an eye, all hell breaks loose with the fastest and the most Black Metal passage of the album. The biggest plot twist of the album. There are some other picturesque moments as the moody “Flickering” delivers the fan with lots of guitar effects. Sometimes, the band dives into some Doom Metal drenched track as in “Paroxysm as Pragmatism,” but witha progressive taste. It’s the track where the band’s musicians let all their talent free.

If my dear child of the night pays close attention, Construct of Lethe has built “A Kindness Dealt in Venom” as an album with lots of care and subtly – if this word is even allowed when it comes to Black Metal. It’s not only the drumming, but also the guitar leads that showcase some out of Metal influences. Besides that all the atmospheres created with lots of attention and care. A strong candidate to nomination of beest surprise albums of the year.

was released on June 21st via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Artifice
  2. Bête Noire
  3. Contempt
  4. Denial in Abstraction
  5. Flickering
  6. I am the Lionkiller
  7. Labyrinthine Terror
  8. Monument to Failure
  9. Paroxysm as Pragmatism
  10. Raw Nerve, Iron Will
  11. Sacrosanct
  12. Tension/There is Nothing for You Here

Watch “Denial in Abstraction” official music video here: