COREY TAYLOR Is Ready To Reconcile With MACHINE GUN KELLY: ‘He And I Are Very Similar’

Machine Gun Kelly and Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor declares that he wants to let go of his public feud with Machine Gun Kelly.

Beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Iowa metallers started when MGK threw shade at SLIPKNOT, saying he was glad to not be a 50-year-old wearing a mask.

During his 2021 performance at Riot FestMGK said to the crowd: “Hey, you wanna know what I’m really happy that I’m not Being 50 years old wearing a f*cking weird mask on a f*cking stage. Fu*king sh*t. So anyway, what’s everyone’s favorite candy? Reese’s Pieces?”

A few hours later, Kelly followed up with his comments in a tweet, saying that Corey Taylor did a verse for his album Tickets to My Downfall and “it was f*cking terrible,” so he didn’t use it.

Not long after, Corey issued a response, writing: “I don’t like people airing private sh*t like a child. So this is all I’ll say: I didn’t do the track because I don’t like when people try to ‘write’ for me. I said no to them. So without further ado…. #receipts. This is all I’m going to say about it.”

During his performance at Louder Than Life festival, MGK was also booed throughout his entire show.

In between one of his songs, he even went ahead and said to the crowd to come up on stage if they have a problem against him. Little did he know is that one fan might just do that. At the end of the show, one fan come up on stage and pushed MGK after musician quickly returned with a slight punch and immediately run behind one of the security guards. You can watch that video here.

In a last year’s documentary about Machine Gun Kelly released by Hulu, MGK revealed that he’s feeling a sense of regret about his last year’s war of words with Taylor.

“It’s funny, the whole SLIPKNOT issue… That situation’s unfortunate because I think both of us let our egos get in the way,” MGK said.

You know, I was a fan of SLIPKNOT. I was a fan of Corey. That’s why I’d asked him to get on Tickets to My Downfall. He obviously had mutual respect, too, because he cut a verse.

“I kind of tried to give notes back, like ‘oh, you know, this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, can we try this?’ And respectfully he was like, you know, ‘no.’ And I was like, ‘okay, cool.’ So we didn’t use it. You know, then I heard him on a podcast. “

The statement from Corey he’s referring to is: “I hate all new rock, for the most part. The artists (in quotes) who failed in one genre and decided to go rock… and I think he knows who he is.”

MGK continued: “That narrative always confused me. My most successful album was the album I just put out. Hotel Diablo, that’s a rap album that has a billion-plus streams. I could have handled it differently. I should have just picked up the phone and been like hey dude, ‘why would you say that’? But, instead, we all acted ridiculous.”

Taylor now said he was okay with what had happened between him and Machine Gun Kelly in a new interview with “The Allison Hagendorf Show” and hoped to have a friendly relationship with the rapper-singer from now on.”

“Sometimes people are just gonna butt heads,” Corey said. “He and I are very similar in certain ways, which — shock and awe — big-mouth singers; we are big-mouth singers. I appreciate that. And I guess sometimes… I know from my past mistakes that sometimes the words get out and I wish I could grab ’em.

“It is what it is. It’s one of those things where he and I will probably never be friends, but I’m sure we can both respect each other for what we do and what we’ve done and just move on. It’s stuff like that that it never needs to keep going. Once you’ve said your piece, that’s it. And a lot of times it’s the fans that carry it on, especially in this day and age with social media and everything. It happened, it was a moment and I made my peace with it. I’m assuming he did as well. And there’s that.”