COREY TAYLOR Says ‘It’s Getting Harder And Harder’ To Find Factual Information On The Internet

In a brand new interview with “The Johnny Dare Morning Show”SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor spoke about the role of social media in misinformation propagation and the polarization of political ideologies in the U.S., with the two halves of the country operating with two completely different sets of facts (or non-facts).

“People don’t understand that… They type something, they throw it out on to social media and then they just sit back,” Corey said (hear audio below). “And because there’s no repercussions, they think they’re right. It’s bred this crazy, weird gray area now where opinion is treated like fact by a lot these trolls. It’s ridiculous.

“Now, it’s getting harder and harder to find a place where you can find what’s right and what’s wrong, as far as facts go,” he added. “And then each side has a different goddamn sense of facts, and it’s, like, ‘Hold on a second.’ There’s gotta be a central place. There’s gotta be a touchstone; there has to be a touchstone to come back to that has the correct facts.’ You can’t just take polls and graphs and charts and all of the consensus and then put them up there like they’re facts. That’s not the way this works, and that’s certainly not how you keep a country on track.”

Taylor, who is promoting his new book, “America 51”, recently called Donald Trump an “ineffectual” president who hasn’t fulfilled one campaign promise. “Everyone was worried about the crazy things he’d do, but there’s nothing that he’s done that can’t be changed in another administration, like the Paris agreement,” the singer said. “There’s no need to panic… He hasn’t done s**t. He really hasn’t. Even with his party in control of both houses, nothing has happened.”