COREY TAYLOR: What’s My Favorite Song Off New STONE SOUR Album

Corey Taylor was asked by Scuzz TV on what his favorite track off Stone Sour’s latest album “Hydrograd” is, to which he replied (as transcribed by

Taylor says: “I really love ‘Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I).’

He continued: “It’s probably the longest title I’ve ever written, but it just makes so much sense. Just for the fact that it’s just an epic vibe. The song started out in such a weird way and yet we were able to take it and really make it amazing – I’m very proud of that one.

“Every song on the album is just great, you know? I don’t just come in the middle, I started at the top and I listened to it all the way through, and I’m always stoked every time every song comes on.

“So it’s like, whether it’s ‘Rose Red,’ or ‘Kneivel Has Landed,’ or…”

“‘Somebody Stole My Eyes’ is a good one, too. That’s out kind of a nod to MOTORHEAD in a way. It’s just a good barn burner.

“There’s so many good tunes. Like, ‘Fabuless‘ is a good tune. The ‘Song #3’ is a great song. It’s a good problem to have, we’ve got a lot of favorite songs on this album.”

Guitarist Josh Rand also revealed his favorite off the album: “For me, it’s ‘When the Fever Broke,’ at the end of the album. It’s just so different than anything that we’ve ever done. The lyrics are great, the melody is great. It just breathes – definitely my favorite.”