Coronavirus: LYRIA Offer Full Show For Fans

One of the great names of Brazilian metal, Lyria launched on its official YouTube channel the full Halloween show, held last year, via streaming for fans from all over the world. In view of the Coronavirus crisis, launching content like this is the incentive that the Brazilian band offers for lovers of metal and good music to stay at home, and preserve the health of the most fragile.

“As we haven’t been able to perform the show online yet, due to the current situation, we had a live chat with the whole band answering questions from the fans and released the Halloween online show so that people get a taste of the live music and can have fun a little while they are at home,” says Aline Happ, lead singer of Lyria.

Recorded in November 2019, the show brings to the setlist songs known to the public, such as “The Rain,” “Jester” and “Last Forever,” which has just got a video and already exceeds 105 thousand views in less than a month of release . As well as the tracks “Follow the Music,” “Get What You Want” and “Best of Me.”

Lyria are a Brazilian alternative symphonic metal band, formed by Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass) and Thiago Mateu (drums), in addition to Aline. Since 2012 on the road, they have become known in Brazil and in the world, mainly in Europe and the United States, after the release of “Catharsis,” debut album in 2014. Now they are still promoting the album “Immersion” ( 2018).

Click here to watch the show.

Watch “Last Forever” official music video here: