Cortex Impulse – Once In a Lifetime

Time for a change. After reviewing so many extreme metal bands, it’s time for something refreshing. That’s the beauty of Metal. One day you listen to a raw black metal band, and the other day you listen to a hard rock band. As you please.

The first thing that calls the attention to Cortex Impulse “Once In a Lifetime” is the constrast between the singer clean, and well-tuned voice, and the dark and deep tuned guitars. Moreover, the quality of the guitar playing as it is usual in all prog metal bands. Pavel Kuzmin is a very talented guitar player. That one who can fill in perfectly the blanks into songs. Not easy task to find one. I know very few. Singer Viacheslav Akinshin, Cortex Impulse’s mastermind, has a nice voice. It embellishes songs like the title track, “Once In a Lifetime.” The very well-tuned and medium ranged interventions give the song a highlight.

“Once In a Lifetime” is an EP with six tracks. The number of tracks is okay for a prog metal band, but not its length. We’re used to more extended time playing. There are some delicious songs in “Once In a Lifetime,” for instance “Changes,” which leading guitar solo phrase in the beginning gives the great introdcution to the song. In short, Cortex Impulse “Once In a Lifetime” bounces between prog metal and modern metal, as we can see in songs like “The Last Dance,” which could easily be confused as a song from a modern metal band. 

Cortex Impulse “Once In a Lifetime” is really a good choice to whom like me loves the diverse in Metal music. There are no disappointments in “Once In a Lifetime.” Check and listen.

Track Listing:

  1. The Tension \ How Things May Turn
  2. Broken
  3. Changes
  4. The Last Dance
  5. Once In A Lifetime
  6. Heartbeat (King Crimson cover)

Cortex Impulse “Once In a Lifetime” was released on October 17th via Satanah Records.

Cortex Impulse “Once In a Lifetime” is available at Bandcamp.

Click here, If you want more info about the band.

Watch “Changes” official video here:

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