Courtney Love Attacked In Paris By French Mob


Courtney Love was attacked by taxi drivers while she was leaving Paris airport in a Uber car.

Love says the crowd held Uber drivers and passengers hostage, and destroyed the vehicles with metal bats. The crowd also lit tires on fire and turned over some of the cars.

Apparently, Paris is undergoing a battle between taxi workers and Uber drivers, with the taxi workers recently staging blockades as a way of picketing Uber, who have cut into their business.

Courtney was so scared she paid 2 guys on motorcycles to sneak her out, and when the mob of taxi drivers spotted her on the motorcycle, they chased her and threw rocks at them.

She shared a photo on her Instagram page where you can see something that looks like a car window covered in egg. After that, she shared a video where you can see that her second Uber car is surrounded by drivers who are yelling something in French.