COVID-19: LYRIA Offer Fans Exclusive Show (Postponed)

The show was postponed due to particular reasons envolving vocalist Aline Happ and her family and the coronavirus crisis. A new date will be anounced soon. Thanks for all you. Be safe! Protect your beloved ones!

Times change and bands have to adpat to the new defies that life offers. But, still, life has to move on. Since the audience cannot go to the shows, the shows go to the audience! It is with this motto that Lyria, a symphonic metal band from Brazil, became one of the pioneers in the transmission of online shows in the country. This Sunday (22), at 8:30 pm (London Time), the quartet will perform directly from the studio, with tickets sold for “pay as you can” values.

Lyria created its own studio for rehearsals and streamings, and with that, the project has lasted five years, and with each edition the number of fans that attend the event increases. During the exhibition, conversations take place between the band and the audience, making the relationship between them closer.

Created in 2012 by Aline Happ (voice), the symphonic metal band is one of the best known in the country, reaching over 94 thousand likes on Facebook. The most recent video, “Last Forever,” already exceeds 54 thousand views in less than a week of release. The second album, “Immersion,” had a collective financing to be produced, raising more than 13 thousand dollars. Extraordinary feats for an independent Brazilian metal band.

With striking choruses, well-crafted arrangements and overcoming themes, Lyria bring together fans from all corners of the globe, mainly in Europe, the United States and Brazil. Besides Aline, Lyria have Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass) and Thiago Mateu (drums).


1) Get your tickets (price: pay as you can) on:

2)Ten minutes before the acoustic concert starts, the public will receive a secret link, via email, to watch the concert whenever you want, since it will be recorded.

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