CRADLE OF FILTH To Start Recording New Album In Early 2020

Cradle of Filth

CRADLE OF FILTH Dani Filth was recently interviewed by “Robb’s MetalWorks.” Some excerpts from interview follow (as transcribed by

On how the group’s latest album, “Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness Of Decay”, was received:

Dani: “It’s been great. We’ve had a phenomenal response to this record, hence why we’re on this second touring cycle of the U.S. The response is amazing to this and the previous album, ‘Hammer Of The Witches’, which is a byproduct of having a great lineup.”

On the group’s next steps:

Dani: “We’re going to be re-releasing ‘Cruelty [And The Beast]’ this year — remixed and remastered, totally from the original tapes. It took us quite a lengthy amount of time. [We] had some legal issues for a bit, so it would have been on the 20th anniversary, which was last year, but it’s going to be at some point this year via Sony. We’ve got a live album in the works, and we’re also currently writing toward a successor to ‘Cryptioriana’… Obviously, it’s a little bit difficult on the road, but I think we’ve got the beginnings of about four [or] five tracks. Those all sound really good. The studio is destined for early next year, with a release date either before or after the summer, depending on the live album and the reissue of ‘Cruelty’. We’re going to experiment a little bit, see what happens really. At the moment, it’s in its infancy… The autumn will see us fine tune the stuff and finish writing.”

On the forthcoming “Cruelty And The Beast” re-release:

Dani: “It does sound great now – it sounds awesome. It’s the whole album, plus ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’.”

On covering ANNIHILATOR‘s “Alison Hell”:

Dani: “We’ve been wanting to do it since the ‘Cruelty’ album. We just didn’t get around to doing it for I don’t know what reason. We met up with Jeff Waters on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise. In fact, we met up with him several times, so we mentioned in passing that we’ve been wanting to do that track for ages, and he kind of gave us his blessing — ‘Man, you’ve got to do it.’ Since having done it, he’s got back and said he loves the track and thought we did a really good job on it. We like it. I think it’s just very reminiscent of the rest of the material on ‘Cryptoriana’ — it just has that very ornate, mythical, spooky metal vibe to it.”

On the band being in a “good place” at present:

Dani: “We’re really enjoying life, enjoying our time as a band, enjoying our time out on the road… The creativity is flourishing under this new — I was going to say regime, but it’s far from that. Under this new lineup.”

On how he collaborates with his band mates:

Dani: “You choose people [and] get to know people who are good at their jobs, and let them get on with it. We’re a unit — we live together; we live, breathe, bleed this music. When you live it together for that amount of time, you become family. You take the rough with the smooth and deliver the goods… You don’t just jump anybody in off the street to be a part of the band, and we’re such a prolific, very hard-working band that even a year on the road with the band, you’re talking about a huge amount of shows, a huge amount of work, a huge amount of close proximity to one another. Like I said, you become family.”

On guesting with acts such as BRING ME THE HORIZON and THE 69 EYES:

Dani: “It keeps the creative juices flowing. I don’t just do everything — I’ve been offered to be part of quite a few things that I’ve turned down, depending on whether I like it and the accessibility. I can’t really do anything from out on the road. The BRING ME THE HORIZONthing was a lot of fun. I really did that for my daughter, and the fact that Oli Sykes is a good guy. I thought that would be quite a good collaboration. It’s very different. Obviously, there were a few naysayers who went, [makes unpleasant face / sound] — f*ck you.”