CRAWLING MANIFEST Release New Lyrics Video For ‘World War III’; Album ‘Radical Absolution’ Out In May

Maryland thrashers CRAWLING MANIFEST are releasing a new album Radical Absolution, which will be their first as a duo featuring Andrew Gladu (Vocals/Bass/Drums) and Trevor Layton (Guitars). This change came from many lineup changes and a desire to move forward seamlessly in a more thrash direction. Musically, this album is their modern take on their favorite types of thrash metal, and they blend them seamlessly together to create something original.

They explain further:

“We think that this album is like a new beginning for us. We went through a period of rebranding last year and came up with the new sound, such as on our new single ‘World War III‘, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this. I think that fans will share that same thought and look forward to more from us in the future.”

Along with this album announcement they are also presenting a lyric video for the single “World War III”, the first song that was written for the record. The main riff came quickly to the duo and they immediately started fleshing it out. Lyrically, this song is a straight-up “f* you” to billionaires. People are exploited every day by people who just reap the benefits of the working class’ labor, so the only thing left to say there is, “Eat the F*ing Rich.”

The aggressive, hard-hitting combination of riffs is topped with equally aggressive and fast, piercing solos; Radical Absolution has all the trademarks of thrash metal and is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Megadeth, and Power Trip.

Radical Absolution is out on May 14, 2021.

Radical Absolution Track Listing:
1. Land of The Free
2. World War III
3. Nothing To Lose
4. Right To Refrain Silence
5. Radical Absolution
6. Blood Born
7. Revolution
8. Onslaught