Crematory – Oblivion

Crematory are the band that can mix perfectly extreme metal influences with electronic effects.  It is the undoubted truth. It is incredible how they can bounce between extreme metal vocals, strong guitars, and electronic effects that guide them toward a more pop music, but it does not get pop, it gets so complex that pop cannot hold it, only Metal can. Fun fact is that nobody could wonder if this mix could ever go right. But it did. “Oblivion” is a fine piece of that.

I guess the thing that makes me value most “Oblivion” and Crematory are the vocal duets between gritty gutural voices and clean soft angelical ones. Ok, many have done that, but Crematory master the art taking it to another level. This mix is very balanced because it is so easy to loose control of it. A little more water and sugar it gets too pop, a little more effects it gets too electronic, but Crematory are not any of these.

Two first tracks, “Expectation” and “Salvation,” are the grand opening with some elements of an opera buffa. A dramma giocoso in terms of Metal. Male and female vocals alternate in songs. Male also vocals alternate between clean and clear to a gritty low-toned one. This alternation the spice needed to make Crematory more Metal than gothic. Not to forget all the variety of keyboard and piano tones. If a unwarned listener listens to any songs in separate, he will get a wrong ideia of Crematory and “Oblivion,” because it only works altogether. Crematory is not an easy band. It takes some guts to appreciate it.

Sometimes I miss the guitar solos, “Oblivion” has none, except for “Blessed.” But this effort pays off the way it is. “Oblivion” is pleasant, complex, thrilling. It is good enough.

Crematory “Oblivion” will be on the road on April 13th via SPV / Steamhammer Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Expectation
  2. Salvation
  3. Ghost of the Past
  4. Until the Dawn
  5. Revenge Is Mine
  6. Wrong Side
  7. Stay With Me
  8. For All of Us
  9. Immortal
  10. Oblivion
  11. Cemetary Stillness
  12. Blessed
  13. Demon Inside

Watch “Salvation” official video here: