Russian Nu-Art Metal band Crimson Blue released the new ЕР “TEMHO” (Dаrkly). The album was recorded at “Crimson Rec”  and mixed/mastered by Dany Hellstrom. It includes 4 tracks, which became a new page in the history of the band, not only by showing a new musical style but for the Russian lyrics.

CRIMSON BLUE was founded at Mosow in 2009 by Dani Hellstrom. The band released 3 full-length albums and play concerts over Russia with Pain Of Salvation, KYPCK, Deathstars and Epica. Last year the band returned from European tour with Tarja Turunen.

“TEMHO” track listing:

  1. Ветер и ложь
  2. Сахара
  3. Я дышу
  4. Эфемерида