Crimson Day – At the Mountains of Madness

There is one small thing that I think only HM bands do at large which is a deceptive grand opening. I explain, every time a song opens up with a music, or a sound, or something else, but the real song. Most HM do that. I remember a popper friend who used to get mad with it because we played him a Metal song, which he didn’t like by any chance, and he actually liked the beginning. But, then… the whipping begins!

Crimson Day “At the Mountains of Madness” begins just like  this. A smooth and classical like sequence in the deceptive manner I told before. I must say I like that, not only because of my popper friend, but because it is neat. Crimson Day are a band that affects my emotional memory, specially with “Welcome to the Wasteland” because it takes me to the good old past when I ran into Metal. So not fair to other bands. The guitar riffing in “Nightwalker” does the same. I guess very few people can still listen to their youth music in new music, if you know what I mean. We, metallers, are priviledged people. Our music will never die. Or, at least, it appears so.

I’ve reading in the speciallized media that bands like Crimson Day are being called melodic Heavy Metal. I have to strongly oppose to that moniker. We don’t need more labels. We don’t need more dissension among Metal fans. Crimson Day are pure HM. Just listen to “Beast of Pray” to get what I’m saying. But I do get the intent. It doesn’t mean I like it. And I do like Crimson Day with “At the Mountains of Madness.” Pretty good album which brough up some affective memories. Good HM music. That is all we need. Ah, and one more reason to annoy my friend.

Crimson Day “At the Mountains of Madness” was released on January 19th independently.

Track Listing:

  1. The Expedition of Dr. William Dyer
  2. At the Mountains of Madness
  3. The Final Hour
  4. No Hope (For Salvation)
  5. My Last Rites
  6. Welcome to the Wasteland
  7. Nightwalker
  8. Before the Night is Done
  9. Beasts of Prey
  10. Until the End
  11. Falling Skies
  12. Crimson Shores

Watch “My Last Rites” official video here.