CRITICAL KHAOS Frontman Allegedly Murdered By His Wife

Steve Cain Critical Khaos

Loudwire reported that on Thursday, March 2, Steve Cain, the singer of thrash metal group CRITICAL KHAOS, tragically died in what is being described as a triple homicide.

It is said that his wife Theresa was the murderer, shooting him and also her son Ethan and her father William, before taking her own life.

Theresa‘s daughter Samantha was also shot and is now in a critical state. To assist with her medical bills, a GoFundMe page has been created.

It is believed that the murders occurred shortly before the family was to be served with eviction papers due to the foreclosure of their house.

CRITICAL KHAOS issued the following statement: “Hello Chaotic Family.. We hope everyone is doing the best they can today.. So here it is.. This is something that Steve wanted so badly before he was taken from us.. We talked about this show like it was the opportunity of a lifetime for him and a chance to stand on a stage that he had previously only been a fan of and support many many bands here on this stage.. But now it was his turn.. he wanted this more than you’ll ever know.. We are so happy to be able to make this show happen..”

“We couldn’t have made this happen without our brother Robert Smith.. We love you and we know Steve wouldn’t want anyone else to take his place for this show.. we appreciate DARK SOUL for allowing their frontman to ‘cheat’ on them for an evening. Love you guys.. and you know this.. Sherry Hunter Smith, we know there are concerns and we understand and appreciate you allowing this and making this happen with Robert..”