CRS – The Collector of Truths

Have you ever heard the terms ‘melting pot’ and ‘bricolage’? I guess you have, but have you heard it applied to music? I guess not. Both terms mean any kind of cultural mix. Deena Weinstein explains that in Metal the bricolages were made through time and there aren’t only musical, they are related to other forms of cultural expressions. Metal is composed by varied forms of cultural expressions. That’s why Metal music is so rich and so hard to explain. from where I’m standing, to express that in music is very difficult. To me when one tries to mix diverse influences into music, the outcome always is a disform mass. It’s just my opinion.

I confess that when I started to listen to “The Collector of Truths” my will was to quit it because when you get a Death Metal to listen there are things you expect. First track “Asfixia” gave me exactly what the title is about. I was asfixiated by an avalanche of rhythms and cadences and weird effects. But a tiny voice inside my head told me to insist and I went on the next track. In “Tan Lejos De Dios – Nowhere But Here” I had the chance to get CRS perfectly and all their intentions getting to know what they mean by all those mix in their music. I have to say that by the overall experience with Technical Death Metal, “The Collector of Truths” can be considered a groundbreaker album due to everything CRS have to offer musically and instrumentally. “The Collector of Truths” goes beyond. It crosses all known borders of music styles leading the fan to an awkward, but pleasant experience. Well, if you are bold enough and not a regular Death Metal fan. because as an extreme music style, Death Metal, against all odds, should be able to offer a safe ground to all kinds of experiences though weird they are. But if you put aside the weird and pay attention to the music, the experience will pay off. The guitar interventions made by guitarist Francisco “Chucky” Oroz are sharp and skilled in a way that impress. And we all know that to impress these days is getting more and more difficult.

“The Collector of Truths” is a bold album that deserves a chance. At first it may be too much to digest.  You may not like it for the first time, but try once more. The chances you may like it are enormous.

CRS “The Collector of Truths” will released on December 06th via Concreto Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Asfixia
  2. Tan Lejos de Dios ( Nowhere … But Here)
  3. Kill My Name
  4. The Art of Breathing
  5. Resistencia
  6. A Better Place to Hate
  7. The Daydreamer´s Nightmare
  8. I´m the Universe

Watch “Tan Lejos de Dios (Nowhere… But Here)” official video here: