Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black

Is it possible to a band to go through a wide variety of Metal styles in only album without seeming ridiculous?

The answer is a big YES! Crucifyre did it in “Post Vulcanic Black.” Crucifyre took the same way that classic acts used to take decades ago. That is, writing an album of variations. Not repeating the same formula throughout it. Crucifyre’s original porpose was to write a heavy/thrash album, but they went very far beyond it. “Post Vulcanic Black” has the right 1980s spirit. The album is full of old school metal and thrash acts with the bonus of being modern. All that due to the resourceful vocalist Karl Buhre who can impersonate various voices.

Well, this “Post Vulcanic Black” is so varied that I’ll have to go through around all its ten tracks to give you a better shot  of it. Title track begins almost as a doomy song sang by Slayer’s Tom Araya. It is impossible not to compare it with Slayer’s magistral “South of Heaven” era. Guitar riffing is creative and catchy. The guitar duo Patrick Nilsson and Alex Linder did a great job. But it is only an appetizer. The best is yet to come. Next track, “Thrashing With Violence” is faster, punchy with a nervous drumming. And then comes the third track. It is impossible to mention all the changes within it in its five minutes length. “Mother Superior’s Eyes” starts as a post punk song. To then goes on an open Metal punch and cadence. “War Chylde” goes on the same vibe, but heavier, more metal vocals and fiercefull guitars. Going on the 1980 post punk, we have “Hyper Moralist (Deemed Antichrist),” which has a punk attitude on vocals and guitar riffs. From then on, Crucifyre go back to the heavy metal attitude with some modern Metal dashes here and there. There are times, as in “Copenhagen In The Seventies,” if one do not stay tuned and on, one may think it is another band, so different the song from the others.

“Post Vulcanic Black” is an effort of big balls. Crucifyre are a band of courage to release an album like this. So, in a nutshell, “Post Vulcanic Black” is a very varied album. Sometimes it means that the band has no attiude. But that is not the case for Crucifyre. It is just the opposite. Crucifyre have tons of attitude and “Post Vulcanic Black” proves it.

Track Listing:

  1. Post Vulcanic Black
  2. Thrashing With Violence
  3. Mother’s Superior Eyes
  4. War Chylde
  5. Hyper Moralist (Deemed Antichrist)
  6. 200 Divisions
  7. Död Människa?
  8. Murder And Sex And Self-Destruction
  9. Copenhagen In The Seventies
  10. Serpentagram

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