Cruthu – The Angle of Eternity

Sometimes it is really hard to explain why you think some band stand out. It is not easy to put musical feelings into words, as some may think. It is not easy to explain musicality. Very few details are the ones which separate one band from another. And the reviewer has to explain these details in details to his readers. It is exactly what happened with Cruthu and “The Angle of Eternity. Cruthu sound different to me, but explain this difference is hard, though. But it is my job to do it, and I will stick to my duties.

First of all I have to make a point here. Most doom metal I have heard think that the most simple, the best. It is okay, but if you try a little harder wonderful things happen. That is exactly the point with Cruthu. In terms of music, there is a hidden gem in “The Angle of Eternity.” Cruthu’s music appears to be simple, but the complexity are in the details. A guitar phrase here, a fine tunied voice there, and the magic is done. The guitar lines in “Lady in the Lake” are of a perverse beauty of simplicity, but of complex effect. The vocal and guitar duet work fine. The same for the uptempo guitar riff introducing “Seance.” Sometimes doom bands forget to add some speed. Metal efforts do need some speed for crying out loud. But the apple of the eyes is “Separeted From the Herd” a beautifull classical touch piece with a Sabbath taste. Only an acoustic guitar and the beauty of the well chosen notes.

That is exactly where Cruthu make their stand. Cruthu dare to improve their sound with some more complex structures. That is what makes “The Angle of Eternity” a differentiated piece among its peers. BTW, the cover art is anguishing too.

Cruthu “The Angle of Eternity” will give its angle to eternity on February 23rd via The Church Within Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bog Of Kildare
  2. Lady In The Lake
  3. Seance
  4. From The Sea
  5. Separated From The Herd
  6. The Angle Of Eternity

Watch “The Angle of Eternity” official video here: