Cult of Sorrow – Invocation of the Lucifer

Have I ever told anything about deceptive albums? Or deceptive songs? I guess I have. But it’s never enough to enlighten you, my dear reader, about it.

I’ll tell you about an album and band that are the best examples of deceptive. First of all, the term deceptive doesn’t stand for deception in this case. It is best defined by tricked or fooled. Well, then, the album and band in question is 1981’s Demon “Night of the Demon.” Anyone these days would think of a Black Metal band, or so. Except for the date. Even then people though this album would be much heavier than it actually is as the NWOBHM was born then and bands as Motörhead, Saxon, Judas Priest or Iron Maiden were all hell’s breaking loose with their over boosted guitar driven songs. Demon’s album was really great, I mean with unforgettable songs, but it wasn’t really the expected. It was much more a hard rock band than NWOBHM even for those days. But again, the music in it was fantastic.

The same goes with Cult of Sorrow and “Invocation of the Lucifer.” Of course, expectations these days are lesser than they were back then because it’s possible to know what is coming. Metal has been through so many years that things are, let’s say, a bit stable. It takes a lot to shake them. Again, the deception with “Invocation of the Lucifer” isn’t the music, well, it is, but not the quality, the way they are. Cult of Sorrow are a great Doom Metal act, but it could possibly be Death or Black Metal act by the name. Make no mistake, the music inside “Invocation of the Lucifer” has great and diverse atmosphere taking off from the aforementioned track with a taste of 1980’s Hard’n’Heavy just as Demon, to land with “The Mirror” with some touches of Blues, as the great early Metal tradition. “Invocation of the Lucifer” is no way monolithic with sharp and clever incursions into the most doomy music. A highlight to the hypnotic and mesmerizing riff in “Shaman.”

Ah, there is another thrilling coincidence is the intro to “Come Infernal” has the same idea that “Night of the Demon,” just shorter.

Cult of Sorrow  “Invocation of the Lucifer” will be released on September 20th via Black Doomba Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Come Infernal
  2. Shaman
  3. Invocation
  4. Witch Dance
  5. Souls of the Damned
  6. Burn
  7. Satan’s Eyes
  8. The Mirror

Watch “Burn” official videos here:

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