Cut Wide Open – Entitled to Gravity

Band’s names tell a lot. That’s why they are so important. Well, in my opinion they are the most important thing a band have to plan before starting. Names tell a lot about the band and its intents and likes. I dare to say that names pass the message the band desire to show. For good. It’s like a marriage – for the best, and for the worst. That’s why we can tell the genre of a band just reading the name. Of course, it’s not a rule. Sometimes you are deceived. Some bands choose names that tell different stories. It’s not the case of Cut Wide Open with “Entitled to Gravity” because they deserve its name. If Heavy Metal is by nature an angry style, Cut Wide Open honor this tradition of anger and wraith with “Entitled to Gravity.” With the exception of  “Departed” which is a sweet and delicate piece of resistence, all the other tracks sweat rage by their pores. A highlight to the fingered bass which embellishes this tune hugely. I suppose no one can this angry all the time.

Cut Wide Open bring an interesting mix of Modern Extreme Metal with Thrash Metal, just a little bit mostly the groove and the crunchy and squeeky  guitars. That’s why being so angry. Of course, as in all great tracks, the mood changes a little before “Departed” which divides in “Entitled to Gravity” two different moments. There are some signs of a subtle melancholy in tracks as “The Wolf You Feed” and “Leech.” As I said no one can be that angry all the time. The secret is choosing when to get angry and to express other feelings. That’s what Modern Extreme Metal is all about. Not hiding undesired feelings as melancholy, sadness, revolt, solitude, despair, and grief. All feelings that our “happy” and “shiny” society does all  in their hands to hide. One of the reasons Metal is not well seem because it deals with undesired feelings. How many bands deal with the problem of smoking as in “Nicotine Slave”? Very few, I’m sure. Sad, but true. Cut Wide Open dare to show them all.

Cut Wide Open “Entitled to Gravity” was released in 2019.

Track Listing:

  1. Pro Vanity
  2. Mexican Standoff
  3. Go Hard Or Go Home
  4. Departed
  5. Nicotine Slave
  6. Leech
  7. The Wolf You Feed

Watch “Go Hard Or Go Home” official lyric video: