Cutterred Flesh – Sharing is Caring Review

There was a time when Brutal Death Metal was only a constant pounding and nonsense yelling with gutural voices. Fortunatey, for the fans sake, this time has gone. I mean, the only worry was to be the fastest as possible and that no one could ever understand the roaring. Cutterred Flesh with “Sharing is Caring” is here to prove us that it’s possible to get together all the violence and energy of Brutal Death Metal with some melody and different tempos and cadences and many other features. “Sharing is Caring” is everything but boring and linear. The album changes constantly giving the changes a steady roll. It’s impossible to predict what the following track will bring. There is always something different or in the instrumentals or in vocals. The term  shape-shifting used in the press release expresses pretty well the album and the band.

Let’s take, for instance, first and second tracks “Vibrio Vulnificus” and “Black Aurora.” They are completely different tracks from head to toe. “Vibrio Vulnificus” is vibrating and full of energy with the constant pounding and agression I told before. The song doesn’t cool down or step back nor even a bit. “Black Aurora” takes a different path being more varied with lots of different tempos given by the awesome drumming and guitar playing whic tries new textures and techniques going from the strumming to a violent string spanking. Let’s say that from then on “Sharing is Caring” acquires its personality which is this constant changing of features. From then on prepare yourself to a journey through all the possible textures and layers possible to be added to a vibrating and noisy Death Metal. I exhort you, my fan, to listen to all nine tracks and pay attention to all the changes Cutterred Flesh impose to their music.

Besides the amazing guitar work which uses different and striking techniques, “My Favourite Bodybag” contains also a lot of irony not only in the tittle. By the way, the album is full of irony in the tittles of the tracks. Just pay close attention. This kind of irony is dearly welcome in Death Metal albums. Not only, in all Metal albums because Metal is the irony and contradiction itself. No other genre mixes so much the fast and the slow, the sweet and the bitter, the ugly and the beauty, and much more. Pay attention how Cutterred Flesh mix vocals throughout “Sharing is Caring” making it possible to the fan feel all the anger, despair, rage, desillusion, and others. That’s what Metal is all about. No concessions to anyone.

Cutterred Flesh “Sharing is Caring” was released on December 03rd via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Vibrio Vulnificus
  2. Black Aurora
  3. Where Only Old Flesh Stinks – Default
  4. Good Boy – Romantic Relationship With Necrotic Tissue (ft. Von Young of Lividity)
  5. The Mystery of the Black Hen
  6. Amused By The Tenacity Of A Dying Whore
  7. Knife Is Not the Enemy
  8. My Favourite Bodybag
  9. Progressive Body Adjustment (Bonus)

Watch “Black Aurora” official video here: