CYHRA Frontman: ‘I Want To Become The Next IRON MAIDEN’

Jake E

CYHRA frontman Jake E was recently interviewed by JJ’s One Girl Band.

When asked on his advice for young bands who want to have a successful career in music, he said: “First of all, make sure that you play with people that want the same thing as you. Make that clear from the beginning, because it takes a couple of years from the day you start a band until you get your first record contract until you get your first tour and so on and so forth. But, also, put your goal in your head.

“I’ve always put my goals to a point that is probably unreachable,” he continued. “I want to become the next IRON MAIDEN. Obviously, the chance of me getting to be the new IRON MAIDEN is pretty small, but if I can come halfway, then I made it pretty big anyway. But if you’re just having the goal of, ‘Yeah, next year we’re going to have a show at the local pizzeria.’ Then you’re maybe not even going to come to the pizzeria. And, also, never give up. Because you’re going to hit so many obstacles along your way in the music business. You’re going to be f*cked over, you’re going to release a good album that did not get any promotion.

He added: “Don’t just sit down and feel sad about yourself. Just do it again. Get up on ten and do it again. It’s not an easy business to succeed in, but if you’re just fighting enough and believing in yourself, things will go the way you want.”