DANI FILTH Reacts To IGGY AZALEA Wearing Controversial CRADLE OF FILTH T-Shirt

Iggy Azalea Cradle of Filth

Iggy Azalea has made headlines after sharing a photo of herself wearing the controversial “Jesus Is a Cunt” CRADLE OF FILTH t-shirt.

The rapper posted the photo on her Instagram page, showing only a part of the t-shirt’s front side.

The band then reacted by writing via Twitter: “Any publicity is good publicity, right?”

Frontman Dani Filth then told Metal Hammer when asked for comment:
“I wasn’t at all surprised to see my mate Iggy in one of our shirts, as not only has she extremely good taste when it comes to Black Metal, but the Antipodean rapper and I have been preparing a ‘phat as’ co-operation for some time now, we with me performing under my alternative monicker ‘Filthy F*ckin’ Fresh’.”