Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme

Opening track “I’m In a Band” might say everything Danko Jones wanna say with “A Rock Supreme” because its lyrics is an ode to playing in a band “I’m in a band and I love it. All I wanna do is play my guitar” I don’t about you, but this says a lot to me. I was a teenager who only had my guitar and play Metal in my mind. That’s the spirit, my child of the night. Unless you don’t like Metal at all, this doesn’t say a thing to you.

Danko Jones might not be the most inspired and refreshing band of all, but their message is quickly understood over declared love and passion for AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and 1970’s hard rock. Okay, that’s no news at all, but always cool to listen to those guitar phrasing and the simple, though effective drumming. And yes, there is still a lot to do with hard rock influences if one has the heart, passion, and guts to do it.

To an Extreme Metal fan, Danko Jones may sound outdated and soft to say the least, especially with a track as “Dance, Dance, Dance” and its happy and thumbs up rhythm and chorus. But the double sensed lyrics pay off. The strong guitar riffing does it as wel when you listen to a track as “Lipstick City” – it’s really hard to write songs about sex these days of the politically correct even more for Canadian guys. The thing gets even better in “Fists up High” with the most Metal guitar riff of “A Rock Supreme.” You can find “You Got Today” spirit in bands as Saxon and Accept.

From where I’m standing, it’s always great to listen to band as Danko Jones than other crap there are around – I don’t have to say names. It’s better to see a boy forming a band and playing his guitar than using samplers and things to say they are cool. I have no doubt about it. “A Rock Supreme” is lots of fun guaranteed even though they don’t play heavy enough for you. If you’re not into it, don’t you ever listen to “Supreme Party” and its catchy sweet chorus. All you have to do is just forget the pop approach and enjoy.

Danko Jones “A Rock Supreme” was released on April 26th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. I’m In A Band
  2. I Love Love
  3. We’re Crazy
  4. Dance Dance Dance
  5. Lipstick City
  6. Fists Up High
  7. Party
  8. You Got Today
  9. That Girl
  10. Burn In Hell
  11. You Can’t Keep Us Down

Watch “Dance, Dance, Dance” official video here: