DANNY CAREY Shares TOOL Album Update: The Songs Are Simple, But They’re Long – Too Long!

Drummer Danny Carey shared an update regarding the massively-anticipated new TOOL record, telling Kerrang Magazine:

“2019? Is that what I said? Oh, 2018 [laughs]… Yeah, it’ll be out at some point in 2018.”

Focusing on the sound and vibe of the new stuff, Danny continued:

“Whatever those guys play is how they express themselves. Adam [Jones] and Justin [Chancellor] aren’t musically educated, so they just come up with the weirdest s**t.

“I just try to anchor it down and make it simple. The cool thing is every time I think I’ve simplified it as much as I can, we’ll give it to Maynard [James Keenan] and he’ll do something even more simplified – to the point where practically anyone can sing it!

“It’s simple s**t and it’’s coming out, man. The tracks are long… too long! Definitely too long for the radio! [Laughs]”

Asked if he could reveal any working titles of songs or discuss the concept of the album, Carey replied:

“It’s all still a work in progress. We don’t even go there until the record is done. It needs to have a voice of its own – just like this new Legend of the Seagullmen record. You don’t think about that until the project’s finished and it all comes together and connects.

“Everything has its own voice. It’s funny how people understand it all when it comes to concepts. I know from Pink Floyd, Yes, all these bands – there was no f**king concept. Those guys would just go in there and do it until it was done… and that’s when it takes shape. At that point, it will tell you what to do, just like any piece of art ever made.”