DARCHITECT Reveals Concepts And Secrets Of The Songs From ‘Blasphemus’


The EP Blasphemus has stood out for its excellent quality, but many fans are curious about the message that their songs convey. Thinking about it, DARCHITECT‘s drummer Gabriel Gifoli decided to reveal the concepts and secrets behind the songs on the EP.

According to the musician: “EP Blasphemus is a turning point in our career, or at least that’s how we see it. The lyrics, as always, we wanted them to show at the same time something universal, but also personal feelings that are difficult to express outside of poetry – this is particularly notable in the title track, by the way.

“Lyrically speaking, the song ‘Blasphemus’ is a work whose concept was born out of a feeling of deep disgust at so many things that we see today around the world and that have become dangerously banal: lies, promises of easy gain, disrespect for others and so many other attitudes that destroy the world and slowly corrupt the  society – a society that, all over the world, seems sick with hate.

The lyrics are sung in an accusatory tone, see the chorus, “I accuse you”, and it’s a great example of how music allows us to shout something that often ends up stuck in the throat when there is no way to express the feeling in a correct way. At the same time, there are moments of calm, which represent the moment of reflection in the face of such widespread hate.

Darchitect Blasphemus

“In terms of music, in fact, harmony and melody fit well in this storm of feelings. The musical direction we took in ‘Blasphemus’ was an experience with clean nuances, compass formulas and ambient sound mixed with the sound that, we consider, is already part of our musical identity, which is based on extreme metal.

“On side B, ‘Quando a Chama Inflar’ we added a more Rock’n’Roll sound and with clean and melodic backing vocals in the sound, experimenting things that we had not yet tried to insert into our sound.

“The lyrics of ‘Quando a Chama Inflar’ are much older, by the way, but they also follow this same line of reasoning: the legacy that madness leaves in the troubled mind.

“There is something about the paranoias that we all feel, even when we choose to hide them, and about how easy it is to passively pass life if we don’t pay attention — all of this within a fantasy theme, perhaps, which can give us a personal interpretation, something that we always like to do.

“Musically and thematically speaking, Blasphemus serves as the cornerstone of a new phase, but also a transition piece for the new album that is coming, which will deal with more philosophical and intimate themes, set with a song that will not have afraid to experiment with different things. ”