Dark Age – Dark Age

Dark Age are one more piece that was dug by producer Bart Gabriel and No Remorse Records. Originally from 1984, Dark Age’sDark Age” doesn’t really look the age. It feels a bit younger than it actually it is. Releases like that make us think about present Metal scene. Haters will say that bands like Dark Age are having a second chance because there are no more good bands. Fans will say that  releases like this prove that Metal movement is alive and kicking because there’s still room for classic acts. In my humble opinion, I keep the second choice. Only a strong movement can keep up with releases like that. It means there are enough fans that still enjoy the so called classic metal acts.

“Dark Age” has the elements of a classic metal act. With a very creative and melodic guitarist, “Dark Age” has many NWOBHM moments. That’s because of his very inspired guitar phrasing. Dark Age choice was to build their songs using a lot of guitar phrasing that lead the cadence and harmonic progression. All that along with a very good and also creative singer. He tries all his voice’s reach in “Viper,” for instance. He sings, he screams, he pitches, in a nutshell, he does whatever he wants with his resourceful voice.

As a Metal tradition, Dark Age “Dark Age” features a song called… “Dark Age,” of course. Which is a travel around Metal cadences and harmonic progressions. “Dark Age” closes very well the effort. There’s another forgotten Metal tradition that Dark Age keep. The free guitarist as Demon’s masters – if you don’t know Demon, I recommend you to Youtube them quickly. The two first efforts basically. The guitarist acts free, he solos all the possible times besides doing the rhythm. The effect is very nice if you like guitars. If you don’t, forget what I’m saying.

Dark Age “Dark Age” a good piece to remember how great Metal was, and still is.

Track Listing: 

  1. Metal Axe
  2. Tales Of Medusa
  3. Rock Revelation
  4. The Execution
  5. Messenger To Ascheron
  6. Warrior
  7. Viper
  8. Dark Age (bonus track)

Dark Age “Dark Age” was released on September 29th via No Remorse Records. You can listen to Dark Age via Soundcloud here.

Watch “Viper” here:


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