DARK FUNERAL Would Love To Have JUSTIN BIEBER On One Of Their Shows

DARK FUNERAL has released the title track from their upcoming album, Where Shadows Forever Reign”, few days ago, and Justin Bieber really likes it!

DARK FUNERAL posted a pic where you can see tweet by Justin Bieber saying that new “Dark Funeral tune f*ckin’ rules” and Lord Ahriman‘s reply that they would love to have him on one of their shows – as sacrifice, of course.

We don’t know if this is true or not, because we couldn’t find actual tweet from Justin Bieber nor from Lord Ahriman, so they could be deleted or the picture it’s fake. But, along with DARK FUNERAL and Lord Ahriman, the pic was shared by some musicians, like BEHEMOTH‘s Nergal. True or not, it’s still damn funny.