DARK HEART in the ‘Storm of Emotion’

Dark Heart were formed during the early eighties, releasing the debut album “Shadows of the Night’’ on the Roadrunner label in 1984. After a number of successful live shows, the fast approaching end of NWOBHM era meant the band decided to go their separate ways, never quite fulfilling their potential or producing a follow up second album. Over the years the band has developed a cult following, gaining many new fans to their music. Founding member of the Band Alan Clark went on to form Change of Heart moving from guitar to Vocals and as the main song writer, the band have very much established themselves as one of the best British AOR/Rock bands, with 4 albums released to date…

Fast forward to 2021 and Dark Heart are BACK!

After a number of years being asked to make a new album, Alan finally decided to commence work on new material. The style, although still routed in classic metal/Hard Rock has very much moved away from NWOBHM, to not only bring the sound up to date,

but also reflect the maturity in their song writing craft. Alan as the only original member of the band, has been working with Nick Catterick (Guitar) for a number of years on various projects, the pair have developed an intuitive and special understanding when writing, and working together, so it was a natural and easy choice to bring Nick on board. Nick who started playing guitar in his early teens has always been inspired by fiery and inventive players, drawing influences from the great players such as Moore, Sykes, Campbell, Norum with a touch of Lynch/Rhoads, and is set to be recognised for not only his playing ability, but also for one of the best guitar tones in the business.Dark Heart is set to release their new self-titled album on November the 5th 2021 on Sleaszy Rider Records. The album had been produced and mixed by the talented Mr Pete Newdeck, (Edens Curse, Grim Reaper, Paul Dianno’s Killers, Midnite City and Vega) Pete also appears on drums and additional Bv’s as part of the top class Rhythm section, including the superb Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams (Midnite City) on Bass, with executive production by Dark Heart/Pete Newdeck.

Band Line-Up:
Alan Clark: Vocals, Bv’s , Keys
Nick Catterick: Guitars, Keys
Joss ‘ Tabbie’ Williams: Bass
Pete Newdeck: Drums, Bv’s

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