Dark Heart – Storm of Emotion Review

I wouldn’t guess an album title would be so perfect and fit woundrously into the songs it has inside. “Storm of Emotion” is what my dear fan will fill while listening to every track of the album. In a world where Iron Maiden are the ones who have to explain how they got into the top charts side by side pop artists and not the other way around this album is a breath of fresh air. Ok, we metalheads are used to this and most of us don’t care about the charts. I couldn’t care less. But it’s a slap in their faces, isn’t it?

I recommend my dear fan to start the fruition of “Storm of Emotion” by its fifth track “Wings of the Night” which is a ballad. Ok, it’s a ballad but I dare the most hard metaller not to feel all the emotion and heart the songs delivers. Feel the vocals with a catchy chorus and the delightful and extremely competent guitar solos. The song is simply perfect. Powerful, shiny, and bright. The precise riffing of the song is a feature that the fan will notice throughout the album. One of the best riffings I’ve heard in some time. Precise and increbibly heavy. Just what a metaller needs these days. A song doesn’t need to be fast as hell to be great. It’s been a while I’ve been telling you my fan this. Ok, now that you’ve heard “Wings of the Night” you’re prepared for some more. Now you can go to first track “Darkest Eye” for some more precise and outstanding guitar riffing. Alan Clark’s voice gives the songs that little bright that they all need wiht precise and melodious interventions. The guy has the perfect pitch for all the songs. “Darkest Eye” has the most exciting and adrenalized riffing of the album.

Sometimes while listening to songs as “Cast of Stones” Dokken do come to my mind. For Dark Heart’s sake this is a complement not a critique. Showing their references is what every band of the Metal world do. It happens to all of them. The important thing is that by “Storm of Emotion” it’s possible to tell that the band has its own personality. That’s a very important thing. Maybe the most important these days.

Dark Heart “Storm of Emotion” was released on November 05th via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Darkest Eyes
  2. Cast to Stone
  3. Edge of Dreams
  4. Degrees of Separation
  5. Wings of the Night
  6. House of Usurer
  7. Break the Chains
  8. Time to Fly
  9. K.O.T.D.
  10. Night Won’t Let Me Go