Darkest Color – Deal With Pain

Musically intriguing. In my humble opinion, Darkest Color “Deal With Pain” was worth the twenty-eight year wait. And the perception is that no time has passed. “Deal With Pain” is as fresh as in 2018 as in 1990. To say that this effort is a mere reproduction of the big 4 of thrash does not do justice to Darkest Color “Deal With Pain.” It is much more. Of course there are plenty of echoes of them here, but it is a natural thing. No one could be unharmed by those. I really mean it. No one could. Their legacy is simply too big.

Darkest Color managed hard to stand for their own personality. The trick was pretty simple. Put the big 4 in a cauldron, mix everything, and put a dash of more anger and sarcasm. And ignore the rest of the world! Done! Here are nine tracks of a pure and untouched heart of 1980s thrash. Only for our delight. Yeah, time sometimes goes backwards. “Deal With Pain” proves it. Also does the cover art. More real and updated impossible.

“Deal With Pain” is an effort done with lots of heart. No one can deny that to these guys. For that, Darkest Color played with the purest thrash attitude ever. No wonder songs feel so fresh and untouched. So a big hail to bassist Elias who embodies a big and thick bass sound in order to give “Deal With Pain” such a personal signature. The same to guitar interventions always sharp, precise, and angry. Unfortunately, “Deal With Pain” was not released when it really belonged. It would have caused a lot. No wonder about that. So if you miss the good old days when Metallica was big, try Darkest Color “Deal With Pain.”

Darkest Color “Deal With Pain” will raise from the dead on May 04th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Darkest Color
  2. Politician
  3. Deal With Pain
  4. Jesus Christ
  5. Immaculate Conception
  6. Slam Dance
  7. Sea Of Blood
  8. The End (Black End)
  9. Death Or Glory (Holocaust cover)

Watch “The End (Black End)” official video here: