Folk Metal Sensations DARKLORE Release New Single ‘The Empire Has Fallen’


Brisbane’s Folk Metal Rising Stars DARKLORE release their driving new single “The Empire Has Fallen”— a synth laden musical journey, starting with sombre atmospheric notes and building up to a crescendo of heavy thrash riffs, double timed bass & drums!

Guitarist and vocalist Ravendark explains: “‘The Empire has Fallen’ is a song inspired by a Japanese anime and is based around war and rebellion. It tells the story of a man who conquers the world to end an era of terror but in doing so, he ends up creating more terror. As a last noble act, he sacrifices his own life to restore the world to a state of peace. ‘The Empire has Fallen’ was actually the very first song that was written for DARKLORE, due to it’s uplifting melodies and inspiring themes we often choose to end our live performances with this song. This song definitely stands to be a crowd favourite.”

Treating us to Blackened Hymns from both familiar and foreign realms, DARLORE‘s latest album The Evil of Man is best described as a hybrid between alluring melodic and symphonic riffs underpinned by thrash metal. Vocals deliver the spirit and elements of obsidian death whilst the lyrics call upon fantastical lands such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Regardless of your musical preference, there is something within DARKLORE that will resonate with you!