DarkTribe – Voici L’Homme

This beginning of 2020 has been blessed with bands whose emotional grip – no offense in that – is the main drive to their music. Although some metalheads disdain it for many reasons, and I really don’t blame them, emotion is a very important feature in Metal. I mean that easy emotion – again no offense in that – that comes from melodic vocals and guitars and rises from catchy choruses that Power Metal are so about. For some it is the reason to love Power Metal; for others it is the reason to hate it. The fact is that it is one of the most important Power Metal features. The rest is history.

DarkTribe offer with “Voici L’Homme” a handful of those emotions imbricated in each song of it. In fact, “Voici L’Homme” is full of those Metal dialects that I have been talking about. It’s powerful, but at the same time sweet; it is grand, but at the same time worried with details; it’s aggressive, but at the same time with delicate textures; finally, a true Heavy Metal album in all its dimensions and reach. That’s why I always say to never underestimate a Metal band due to the complex and intrincated layers of music and emotion they build in their efforts. In this exact case, take “Prism of Memory” for instance as the best example of as “Voici L’Homme” an album. Everything I described is there. The textures in the mix of emotion, technique, and power the song present are amazing. Never forget that DarkTribe also dare to introduce unusual themes in the Metal world in their songs.

It’s my habit to mention anything that sparks my attention in the tilte of the album, or the album cover, or other visual or social dimensions of an album. The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ is right when it comes to those aspects of “Voici L’Homme.” Seeing the name DarkTribe the fan may be led to a band much more heavier than it in fact is. The fan may think it is a Death Metal, for instance. But, in a first listen, this impression goes completely away – again no offense in that – this album is for the ones who like a balanced album with power and emotion. An album which balances great melodic vocals with guitar interventions. The last sequence in the title track is priceless. The duo guitar and voice works marveously. As a matter of fact, I like this mix.

DarkTribe Voici L’Homme will be released on January 17th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A March for a Prophecy
  2. Prism of Memory
  3. Voici L’Homme
  4. A Silent Curse
  5. Faith and Vision
  6. Back in Light
  7. Under the Tree of Life
  8. According to Darkness
  9. The Hunger Theory
  10. Simbolic Story

Watch “Prism of Memory” official lyric video here: